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Canada's Finest since 1866

As HEINTZMAN moves into the twenty-first century, they bring with them the many drawings, scale designs, and awards that earned them so many awards for innovative improvements that have given HEINTZMAN pianos that " unique voice that is all at once sweet, resonant, rich and alive"

They bring all this and improved production techniques to their new factory in Beijing China. A region filling up quickly with renowned piano and furniture manufacturers due to its ideal climate and economic conditions.

HEINTZMAN is the only Canadian owned and distributed piano company left in Canada, and is proud to continue the tradition of quality it established almost 150 years ago.

Heintzman Piano

HEINTZMAN stills boasts a number of unique structural and design features using the finest materials from around the world such as:

  • Canadian Bolduc Soundboard
  • German Renner Hammers
  • American Made Mapes Gold Series Bass Strings
  • German Delignite Pinblock
  • Bass Sustain Pedal
  • Silent Function to help you Practice quietly

Call or come visit our showroom to see the entire line of HEINTZMAN Pianos or Visit their website at