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Is my piano worth restoring?

In my travels as a piano tuner/ rebuilder over the past twenty four years, I have found that some of the most incredible musical instruments ( not to mention most beautiful furniture pieces) have been old upright pianos. However not all old pianos are worth restoring.

The deciding factor needs to be based on the pianos potential as a musical instrument. Some older pianos are still great instruments, while others could be with some work. Sadly some will never be good pianos again, regardless of the amount of work done to them.

To determine this requires an experienced piano rebuilder to assess the major components of instrument including the plate, soundboard, bridges, pinblock and action. Only after a thorough evaluation can we begin to discuss musical potential and cost of restoration and ultimately decide if there is good value in spending a sum of money on your piano.



For many people the primary motivation to restore their piano is to make it back into a beautiful piece of furniture again. Any piano can be restored aesthetically, no matter how badly the case is damaged. It is only a question of dollars.

There is no question the upright pianos built at the turn of the century were some of the best ever built, particularly when it came to quality materials and craftsmanship. In many cases these old pianos can be restored to their original state for less than half the cost of a comparable new piano.

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