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Calgary Piano Restoration

We offer piano restoration in the Calgary area.

Constellation Piano Services is one of the most comprehensive piano service facilities available today. Our primary goal is to provide the best possible service, no matter what our customers needs.

We can help you with everything from moving, to in-home tuning and repairs to complete restorations including refinishing and rebuilding your piano.


There are an enormous number of old pianos from the past one hundred and twenty five years that have the potential not only to be beautiful, but to be tremendous musical instruments as well. However, most of them require more than a tuning. We have the facilities to rebuild and refinish pianos back to their original state of beauty and musical performance for a lot less money than you could buy a comparable new piano. The first step is to arrange for a free evaluation to determine what kind of shape your piano is in, and if the potential is there to make the restoration a worthwhile venture.

Piano Rebuilding

Piano rebuilding is a loosely-used phrase with a wide range of meanings -- from cleaning to virtually replacing all the parts inside a piano. Every piano I see has different needs, strengths and weaknesses, and should be evaluated accordingly. The needs of the customers we deal with are as varied as the pianos, and this also needs to be considered in assessing what should be done to a piano.

Some pianos are still in excellent condition, only needing cleaning, regulating, some general maintenance and a tuning. Some have actions that need new hammers and bridal straps. Others will no longer stay in tune and need to be repined and restrung, while some have to have bridges or soundboards repaired or even replaced.

The key to finding out what your piano needs and if the instrument is worth spending this amount of money on, depends upon having a thorough evaluation done on your piano by a reputable piano rebuilder.

Brian Gullekson has been serving the Calgary and surrounding area with expert piano rebuilding, refinishing, tuning and repair for the past twenty four years. We invite you to call and arrange to come visit our shop and see what we do and how a properly restored piano can perform.