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How should I care for my piano?

The most important maintenance for a piano is regular tuning. The combined tension of all the strings is in excess of 38000 pounds, and requires adjustment at least once a year, regardless of how much or how little it is being played.

A piano left untuned for many years can drop far enough in pitch that it would require several tunings or even restringing to get it back to where it belongs.

A piano action has over 2800 moving parts, most of which are adjustable and need to be regulated periodically to keep the touch consistent and efficient.



Pianos that reside in Calgary and surrounding area suffer a great deal due to the dry climate here. A good humidifier on the furnace or the same room as the piano can make an enormous difference in not only the stability of your instrument but also in the longevity of its lifespan.

As for looking after the cabinet, a damp cloth can remove day to day fingerprints and dust. Oil or wax can help protect the wood from the dryness and provide some luster, but should be used sparingly.