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Constellation piano are proud dealers of Heintzman pianos in the Calgary, Alberta region. We have a long relationship with Heinzman through our Calgary piano restoration services, and now offer Heintzman sales.

Of the Twenty-First Century

The History of the Heintzman Piano Co. and Theodore August Heintzman, the founder of the Heintzman Piano Co., are very well known and documented as being world class piano manufacturers and retailers from the mid 1800's to 1986 when they closed their Toronto factory due to high costs of labor and the huge influx of pianos from Asia being brought into Canada. However, very little is known about them from that time to the present.

Shortly after the factory closed there was a retailer in Ontario that attempted to sell imported pianos with the Heintzman name attached to them. Fortunately they were dealt with through the court system and prohibited from deceitfully using this well respected name to sell pianos that certainly did not measure up to Heintzman standards in any way.

In the early 1990's the owners of Heintzman went searching for a factory to build high quality pianos again, and ended up having a limited number of pianos built in Prague, near the homeland where Theodore Heintzman first learned his trade. Again this proved to be too expensive and they looked towards building a factory of their own in Asia, where so many other successful manufacturers like Yamaha and Kawai were building pianos.

These Canadian business men who not only had ownership of the name Heintzman but also the drawings, scale designs, patents, and factory equipment took everything to Beijing China (a very dry almost desert region) and began to build themselves a factory. No surprise they soon found themselves surrounded by other reputable piano manufacturers attempting to capitalize on the same advantages.

The only pianos being built in that factory are Heintzman pianos and they are by NO MEANS a "Chinese knock-off with a Heintzman decal on the front" (as is being suggested by some competitors) but rather a piano of distinctive quality sound and appearance as they have been for the last 150 years. In fact the Heintzman model 140CK features a scale design used by Theodore Heintzman over 100 years ago in one of the finest pianos they ever built!!

Many of today's Heintzman pianos feature the very best of materials available, including a Canadian built soundboard by Andre Bolduc, German built Renner hammers, Mapes bass strings (used by manufactures like Steinway, Yamaha and Baldwin) and German Roslau piano wire. These materials and "tried and tested" engineering and scale designs make for a musical instrument that simply must be experienced to be appreciated.

Come see and hear the full line of Heintzman PIANOS in our showroom today!

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