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Should I buy a piano Privately?

Undoubtedly there are some good deals to be had buying a piano through things like the bargain finder or local newspaper. But a person needs to be careful because a piano is almost exclusively made of wood (with the exception of the plate and the strings). Southern Alberta is a very, very dry climate, and dryness can cause serious damage to anything made of wood. If a soundboard loses its crown or a pinblock cracks due to exposure to this climate, the cost of repairs can be costly (thousands of dollars). So if you have found a piano privately that you think you would like to purchase it is wise to hire a piano technician or rebuilder to evaluate the instrument and advise of its condition. We can also advise you as to how much you should budget for moving, tuning, regulation and minor repairs, which will help you make an informed decision.



We look at fifteen to twenty pianos every week, and buy a select few, which we service and/or refinish for our show room. The price we charge includes:

  1. All service work
  2. Delivery
  3. One in home Tuning
  4. Matching Bench
  5. Ten Year Parts and Labor Warranty