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How to Buy A Piano.

Over the past twenty-four years we have helped thousands of people find the right piano for themselves or their families. Along the way we have compiled a list of things to consider.
First and foremost though you need to remember that a piano is both a musical instrument, and a piece of furniture. It usually involves a reasonable sized investment, which will reside in a fairly prominent place in your home for a very long time. For all of these reasons its nice to make the right choice the first time.

You will know you have found the right piano when:

  1. You are happy with how it sounds and how it feels. (Every piano is different, some you will like, others you won’t.
  2. You’re happy with how will look in relation to where it is going in your home. (Style, size, color, modern, antique, refinished, or with character?)
  3. You are content with the level of quality in the instrument you choose. (Pianos range in from very inexpensive, poor quality instruments to very expensive models with only the best of materials, and craftsmanship, and a variety of steps in between. Be sure the piano you choose will accomplish the goals it was purchased for.) (This one could require some help from us.)
  4. You have met the first three criteria and it still fits inside your price range.

Most people left unguided, will end up choosing a piano based on looks, which is like buying a car because it was your favorite color. Many people who don’t play the piano, will bring a teacher or a musician to help them. This can be useful even though most musicians and teachers will admit they know very little about the actual workings of a piano, they can play it for you and offer their opinions on sound and touch. A piano tuner or technician can also be helpful in assessing the quality and condition of an instrument. But remember, the piano is going in your home and you have to like how it looks and how it sounds, so ultimately you must make the final decision.
Finding all of these attributes in one piano can be a challenge. Call us or come visit our showroom today and let us help find the piano that will best suit your needs.


Can I Sell or Consign my Piano?

We receive calls every day with people asking, “How much is my 15 year old brand X piano worth?” That’s like phoning someone and asking how much is my 15 year old Ford worth.

Most modern day manufacturers build pianos in a wide range of models and price ranges. Over the years we have seen most of them, but in order to give you an honest value we need to see the instrument to assess two things:

  1. What model or quality the piano was when it was new.
  2. What condition the instrument is in now, both mechanically and aesthetically.

Once we have evaluated your piano we can discuss with its current value.

If you are interested in selling your piano, we will first tell you if we are interested in purchasing it. Generally, we will make you a cash offer as well as give you a consignment price. We can also recommend what you should be asking if you decide to sell it yourself. This service we provide Free Of Charge.

If however you are only interested in a thorough written evaluation and appraisal of your piano, we charge seventy-five dollars for this service.

If you choose the consignment route, we guarantee you a specific dollar amount for your piano (not some percentage of an unknown price tag) to be paid to you upon completion of the sale of your piano. We pay all related costs involved in selling your piano, including moving, repairs tuning etc.

To arrange your evaluation contact Brian Gullekson at 279-6737 or email at