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Brian has been serving the Calgary and surrounding area with Expert Piano Tuning, Repairs and Rebuilding for the past 40 years.

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Tuning and Regulation

The most important maintenance for your piano is regular tuning. The combined tension of the 216 strings is over 38,000 pounds, and they require adjustment about once a year regardless of how much or how little it is played. A piano that has been left untuned for many years may require a pitch raise or several tunings or possibly even restringing to get it back to concert pitch where it belongs.

A piano action has over 2800 moving parts that need to be regulated and aligned periodically to keep it playing like new. The cost of a tuning is $130.00 including GST and takes about an hour.

Piano Repairs & Rebuilding

Some pianos require minor repairs to fix broken hammers or strings. That can be done quite inexpensively in the home during the course of a regularly scheduled tuning. Others, often very old pianos are worth doing a larger scale rebuild on, which could include replacing hammers, pins and strings, keys, bushings etc. to return them to their former glory. Sadly due to our dry Alberta climate some pianos may require a new pinblock or soundboard to function properly again, which is doable, but very often cost prohibitive. 

In any case, the instrument should be thoroughly evaluated to determine both what needs to be done and what the cost would be to complete the necessary work in order to make an informed decision..

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What our customers are saying

Funny story...........I had been serving as the President of a High School band association and we were discussing the the restoration of a old 6'8 Heintzman grand piano owned by the school, and 3 different board members felt strongly about using "their piano guy" to restore the instrument back to concert quality. After several minutes of heated discussion the problem solved itself.

 It turned out they all had the same "piano guy" Brian from Constellation Piano..

K.R Husch

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